Robert B. Ferguson, Jr. F.D., OwnerAffordable, Reverential Cremation Services

In the new century, a growing number of Americans are choosing cremation services, either when dealing with the loss of a loved one or planning ahead for their own funeral arrangements. The cause of this rise in popularity has to do with changing demographics, such as the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. And while there are spiritual motivations, one key consideration is often cost. Today in the U.S., an average burial plot can cost more than $4,000. According to the AARP, additional expenses, such as embalming and a casket, can bring the total cost for a funeral and in-ground burial to at least $10,000.  

While cremation can be as little as one fifth or less the cost of an in-ground burial, the need for memorialization and the respectful treatment of the dead remains high. With Love Lasts Forever Cremations, you can be assured of professional and caring disposition, as well as the availability of thoughtful remembrance services.  

Love Lasts Forever Cremations is offered by the Ferguson Funeral Home, located in Scottdale, PA, with a service area extending throughout Westmoreland and Fayette Counties. People from as far away as Latrobe, Jeannette, North Huntingdon, Greensburg, and Connellsville have taken advantage of this regionalized cremation service. Today more than 20% of Pennsylvanian’s are selecting cremation as a sensible alternative to traditional funeral services. 

“Those who have selected “Love Lasts Forever Cremations” have one thing in common,” explained Robert B. Ferguson, Jr., F.D., owner of Ferguson Funeral Home, “they seek simplicity, affordability, and the dignity cremation provides. Whether you choose cremation or traditional funeral arrangements, our concern is always the same: to bring you and your family peace-of-mind during your time of bereavement.” 

If you have questions, you should always feel comfortable calling Rob Ferguson, Jr. at 1-888-894-5300, or visit the website at In no sense need cremation be an uncaring disposal of the deceased’s remains. Love Lasts Forever Cremations offers packages including a thoughtful remembrance service, memorial folders, register book, acknowledgement cards, and a memorial service candle. Graveside Inurnment Services are also available. This final resting place tribute includes the services of staff and equipment to conduct an in-ground interment or placement of cremated remains in a niche at a columbarium within a cemetery or memorial park. Instead, you may wish a Dignified Scattering Service at a site of your choice as an alternative to permanent inurnment. 

Prior to cremation, it is even possible to have a private family viewing. This solemn family gathering must take place within 24 hours of death. Immediate family members may view the unembalmed deceased in the funeral home’s private chapel for up to 30 minutes. 

As required, Love Lasts Forever Cremations can also provide Cremation and Keepsake Urns, Urn Vaults, Keepsake Pendants, and more. All packages, merchandise, and methods of disposition are handled only through a licensed, professional staff and in accordance with Pennsylvania State Law and State Board Rules and Regulations. 

When dealing with such difficult issues, it is comforting to know the history and dependability of the Funeral Home you have chosen. “800 numbers and websites are merely modern conveniences to help people find information,” Rob Ferguson, Jr. continued. “We have been here in Scottdale since 1880, when the funeral home was founded by Samuel Aultman. Believe it or not, he was one of the pioneers of embalming in Western Pennsylvania. The business went through two owners before my grandfather became involved. Grandpap – William Ferguson – was born in Scotland in 1869 and migrated to the U.S. at age fourteen. He had a knack for carving and whittling, a talent that he first put to use making furniture, and later carving the ornate caskets popular at the time. 

“By 1901, grandpap had formed a partnership with Mr. Owens, who then owned the funeral home. The current site of the funeral home is one of the first blueprinted funeral homes east of the Mississippi. Prior to its construction, many funeral parlors were converted old homes. Even as late as the 1930s, it was common for the deceased to be viewed in their own living rooms.” 

Rob’s father joined the business in 1955, and now with Rob Jr., Ferguson Funeral Home is a fourth generation concern. They are well known for quality service and care in dealing with the bereaved. While funeral homes traditionally have a very localized customer base, serving the same families generation after generation, the offering of quality cremation services has a more regional appeal. That is why Love Lasts Forever Cremations has found such wide success within Westmoreland and Fayette Counties. The mission of the business remains rooted in its 19th century traditions, to provide many dignified choices to help the family through their bereavement.  

Choosing cremation should not and does not take away the opportunity to honor and memorialize the life of your loved one.


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